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The EMA Pitcher by its sobriety, its curvatures and the smoothness of the walls clearly aims at the function: capacity, lightness, grip of the handles, flow of the spouts. The balance in the contrast between the smooth and matte surfaces magnifies the stoneware. The range is a resolutely contemporary EMA tea set, unique and refined. The use of the dishwasher, traditional oven and microwave is possible. The range is imagined and designed, and cooked in my Toulouse workshop. The black sandstone pieces have variable measurements and weights because they are all unique pieces.

EMA pitchers Black Stoneware

PriceFrom €220.00
  • Pichet 400ml :

    Hauteur: 17cm

    Longueur: 18cm

    Largeur: 7.5cm

    Poids: 510gr

    Volume: 400ml


    Pichet 1200ml :

    Hauteur: 25cm

    Longueur: 26.5cm

    Largeur: 10.5cm

    Poids: 1040gr

    Volume: 1200ml


    Pichet 4000ml :

    Hauteur: 35cm

    Longueur: 34cm

    Largeur: 17cm

    Poids: 2300gr

    Volume: 4000ml


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