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  • What is enamel?
    It is the totally vitrified and smooth layer that makes the pieces waterproof and more easily washable, whose color and pattern allow you to vary the decorations.
  • What is sandstone?
    There are several kinds of clay for making ceramics: pottery or terracotta and earthenware are porous, while stoneware (particularly resistant) and porcelain are vitrified and frost resistant.
  • Repair
    The only valuable repair, that sustain the foodsafe quality and durability of ceramic pieces japonese art of Kintsugi. Always prefer stoneware or porcelain over pottery when you're aiming at long term use.
  • Is it fair trade?
    In this site there are no third parties, all the price goes to the craftsman who made your product.
  • Food Safety
    in accordance with European regulations, the glazes used are food-grade certified by my suppliers.
  • Where are the parts made?
    in my studio in Toulouse, France. (Almost all known tableware brands, even French ones, manufacture in countries outside Europe, mostly Asian).
  • What impact on the environment : Does the manufacture of this product cause any emissions, waste or pollution?
    The material is stoneware and glaze made in Europe by trusted manufacturers. I use an electric oven, not gas. Nothing is thrown away, everything left over is reused. Shipping is direct from the workshop to your home. I also sell directly at the workshop.
  • Are the dishes durable?
    Considering the quality of the material and the process, it is more durable than the majority of industrial products. Stoneware is with porcelain the most durable material. High temperature enamels do not wear. Even blade scratches or scales are hardly visible on textured glaze. I also work for restaurants.
  • Can the dishes contain any hot or boiling liquid?
    With the exception of the "Gourmandes" and "Colombinées", all the pieces are fully enamelled on the inside for this purpose. Stoneware holds heat very well.
  • Quelle est la sensation au contact ?
    The lip is on the smooth enamel, while the hand is more often on the slightly grained stoneware, which is therefore held more securely, and more comfortably for cups and bowls containing something hot.
  • what use ?
    My ceramic is ornamental and functional, it accompanies you for cooking, meals, storage and preservation, while offering beauty in everyday life.
  • Can I use the dishes every day?
    Of course! The dishwasher is recommended for cleaning, and the microwave for reheating, or the traditional oven for heating or cooking. see also "is it durable?":
  • How to find out about new products, fairs and sales :
    Please complete the contact form to receive news by mail (no more than twice a year)
  • What are your calling hours?
    see under contact . To buy at the workshop, make an appointment by phone.
  • Are the shades right?
    Color rendering varies depending on your screen. The photo of shiny enamels is difficult because they reflect the environment. In the case of iridescent enamel, the appearance varies enormously depending on the viewing angle and the light sources. It is a renewed wonder.
  • Piece on order
    I create special tableware and sculptural pieces in keeping with my techniques, the clays and enamels that I use, and my artistic approach. Please contact me to discuss your project.
  • Do your products differ from the photos on the website?
    One of the things that makes handmade products so unique and sought after is the fact that they can vary a lot from item to item, for example in shades of color, amount of crystallization, but little difference in size.
  • Will I get EXACTLY the same product as in the picture?
    There are variations in handmade items. The chosen glazes are very versatile. Each piece will have a different design, and a combination of shades.
  • What are the dimensions?
    The dimensions: Width, length, Height or Diameter and Height, the Weight and the content Volume are indicated on each product sheet (Slight variations do exist, due to the work by hand).
  • What is the color ?
    The decorations are not united, and for each collection, it helps to look at several photos. See the description in the product sheet.
  • Quality Control and Guarantee :
    Each item is checked after production and again during packaging. Nevertheless, if you discover a defect, you can contact the craftswoman with photos, see return policy.
  • Can I have custom pieces?
    My pieces are unique because of the totally artisanal manufacturing. I do not add a message on the parts, but I can include your message on a card to deliver a gift.
  • I want to give someone a present. Will this article please him?
    Share your taste by showing him the site, and listen to him/her. You can also let him/her choose by offering a gift voucher.
  • Can I choose and buy on site?
    Of course! Welcome to the workshop. Please call to make an appointment, so you will have my full attention.
  • How soon can I receive my order?
    About a few days in mainland France. Depending on the country, after having filled in the address, the estimated delivery time is displayed. For parts out of stock, the deadline will be indicated by the craftswoman in return (less than a month).
  • Is there a risk of breakage during shipping?
    The packaging is extremely protective, however I cannot control all the steps of transport, and accidents happen. You should always unpack pieces and check their condition upon arrival. Follow the "Rules of Delivery and Reception" in the sales conditions to be able to receive a new part.
  • Where do you ship?
    In principle everywhere. In Europe, United States, Canada and other countries, the costs are already known and applied after giving the address in the order. For other countries, please contact me for a quote.
  • Can I exchange or return a product?
    Can I exchange or return a product? see the return policy in the sales conditions
  • Are there any added fees?
    For each country, packaging and postage is offered from a given order amount. For France, it is currently 50€. If applicable, simply add another piece and reach this amount if you wish to benefit from it.
  • How will the piece be packaged and shipped?
    The parts are individually wrapped, and collected in a solid cardboard box, then shipped by truck or plane depending on the country. see all the sales conditions
  • What is special about handmade pieces?
    Handmade items are not mass produced, which means that each item exhibits unique craftsmanship. Each object has its own character that is to be admired, offering authenticity and a guarantee that no two pieces are ever the same.
  • Why are handmade pieces worth their price?
    1. Creativity and imagination (priceless), while industry copies artists. 2. Each piece is unique with a difference in shape, color or size. Their beauty lies in their uniqueness. 3. Making a piece by hand takes more time, and a lot of work 4. Everything is made by the craftsman. There is no other hand, and the creative idea is not altered. 5. Natural-grade materials are expensive 6. It takes extensive training and practice to master the skills of the trade 7. Handcrafted parts are superior in appearance, quality and durability to machine-made products.
  • Are these parts better than those fromvthe industry?
    Yes, handmade pieces are superior in aesthetics, quality, and durability to machine-made ones. They are more authentic in that they use natural materials.
  • Professional sale
    I sell to shops specializing in Tableware and Decoration, to Restaurants, Hotels, interior designers: Please contact me for conditions and prices.
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