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The Puzzle Pitcher Moon Shine completes the PUZZLE collection, a nod to the joy of play but also to astonishment and questioning. It is a playful, singular and atypical collection.

Playful because it consists of 7 pieces, all different in shape and size that can be arranged endlessly, with brilliant glaze Moon Shine.

Singular and atypical by the shapes offered and the many ways to arrange them to create a formal or convivial table, a table runner for a buffet, ...

Set the table differently at each meal!

The dishwasher, traditional and microwave oven is fine for daily use of these pieces.

Exceptional ceramics designed and handmade by a craftswoman in Toulouse, France.

The measurements, weights and volumes are indicative only because they are all unique pieces.​

Puzzle Pitcher Moon Shine

  • Height:  13.5 cm

    Length: 16 cm

    width: 11 cm

    Weight: 500g

    Volume:  630ml

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