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1 Introduction

The present General Terms of Sale (GTS) detail the rights and obligations of Anne KRIEG (hereinafter referred to as the Seller) and their Customer. Any sale made by the Seller implies the Customer’s acceptance without reserve of the present General Terms of Sale. The Customer may not impose their general terms of purchase upon the Seller.

If any provision of the present General Terms is held invalid, the remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby. The fact that the Seller does not exercise one of their rights under the present GTS at a given moment shall not deprive them from exercising any of their rights at a later time.

2 Application

These conditions apply to all sales on, in countries for which shipping policy/cost are defined on the site, and any sale by the company «Anne Krieg Ceramic» to individuals, at the workshop, fair or by any other means.

3. Order

Orders must be  filled on site, or placed in writing, directly, by postal mail or by email. Each order must include:

  • the Customer’s full name and exact address

  • the precise delivery address for the transporter.

  • A mobile phone and an email for order tracking.

4 Shipping time

The delivery time given when the order is taken is approximate. It starts on the date when the Seller receives the Customer’s paiement. The processing delay is 3 days, for products in inventory on which the transport delay shall be added, which depend on the destination.

Out of inventory products, usual delay range between 10 to 20 weeks depending quantity.

A delivery delay cannot be considered breach of contract nor give rise to compensation for damages, late penalty charges or cancellation of the order. The Seller reserves the right to make split shipments.

5 Delivery

The shipment may be made either by sending the Customer a notice that the order is available for them at the workshop, if selected by customer, or by delivering the order to the address stated by the customer, provided the country is covered in shipping cost policy, excluding islands. For other countries, contact the seller.


6 Shipping & Reception

Transport and insurance are at the Customer’s expense, except when the amount is reached for free Shipping, which is defined per country.  same for most European country the same, and specific amount for other countries. The goods are shipped in double-groove cardboard. Any other packaging required by the Customer (e.g. wooden crates) will be charged extra.

The customer must check the shipment upon arrival. If any goods are missing or were damaged during transport, the customer must describe the issue by email within two (2) working days of the delivery with pictures of damaged items, and all the packages (even those undamaged), including readable delivery slip and barcode.

All pièces and package must be kept as proof for insurance until the dispute resolution.

7 Non-conformity

Small differences in color or size do not constitute non-conformity; they are a sign of artisanal craftsmanship.

8 Return of goods

Goods may be returned for non-conformity or apparent defects, only with the Seller’s written approval, and in no case, any later than ten (10) days of receipt. Custom-made pieces may not be returned.

The Seller will not take back the goods unless the apparent defects or non-conformity have been established. The return will result in a standard exchange for the Customer. The costs of returning and redelivering the goods will be then borne by the Seller.

Any goods returned by the Customer, where the Seller has not given prior approval, or where no apparent defects or non-conformity have been established, will be held for the Customer. There will be no standard exchange, and no credit note will be issued. The costs of the return will in this case be borne by the Customer.

9 Prices

The prices of the goods sold are those in force on the day of the order. All prices are EXW Toulouse, France (Incoterms® 2010), in euros, and exclusive of VAT. The Seller reserves the right to change their prices at any time. Nonetheless, the Seller will invoice the goods ordered at the prices listed on the order date.

10  Terms of Payment

On the web site, Payment is to be made in full by debit/credit card or wire transfer via stripe. Other payment option exists on the workshop.

11 Intellectual property

The Anne KRIEG, as well as all related illustrations, images and logos remain the Seller’s exclusive property. Any total or partial reproduction, modification or use of the said name, illustrations, images and logos, for any purpose, on any medium whatsoever, without the Seller’s prior express written approval, is strictly prohibited.

12 Force Majeure:

The Parties will be fully discharged of their responsibilities if failure of one of the Parties to fulfil their obligations is due to a case of Force Majeure.

Initially, the Force Majeure case will suspend execution of the Contract, and the Parties will meet to discuss terms for continuing to do business together. Should the Force Majeure case last longer than one (1) month, the contract will automatically end, unless otherwise agreed by the Parties.

In addition to the unforeseeable circumstances usually recognized by the courts and case law of France, the following cases are also expressly considered Force Majeure for the present GTS: blockage, disruption or congestion of telecommunication networks; poor electric power supply; blockage of transport or supply chain for any reason whatsoever; epidemics; earthquakes; fires; inclement weather, storms, floods, or water damage; legal or governmental restrictions, or business regulations.

13 Competent jurisdiction

Any dispute relating to the interpretation or execution of the present General Terms of Sale is subject to French law. If no amicable settlement can be found, the dispute shall be brought before the Tribunal de Commerce of Toulouse, France.

The Customer acknowledges that they have read the present General Terms of Sale and accept them unconditionally.

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