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My Ethical & Artistic Approach

Ceramist craftsman, I’m specialized in tableware, in the user-centered design approach. I shape a selection of stoneware mainly from France or Spain,
a particularly solid material, easy to use and clean (oven, dishwasher and microwave).

My pieces are partially enamelled with foodsafe enamels (without heavy metals). They are aimed at individuals and professionals in the hotel and restaurant industry. My collections have a contemporary, sober, timeless design that gives them an unlimited lifespan.

Eco-responsibility is also important in my production process. All my raw pieces are reshaped in the event of a crack, the fired pieces are re-glazed in case of glazing accident and the broken pieces are fixed whenever fit to be sublimated according to the Kinstugi method.The ovens are optimized by the arrangement of the pieces. The limited number of enamels used prevents any wasted material.

I sell mainly directly, and I rely on local customers to limit the impact of transport. Following the development of the activity, Tom Bardout, a young architect, advised me a collaborative project for the construction of local rammed earth, reused canal
tiles and bio-sourced materials.This new workshop / exhibition space will open at the end of 2024.

Perçage du bec de théière en grès EMA.png
Anse fissuré de Gourmande.png
Pose des scotchs de masquage Anne KRIEG.jpg


Firing crack, masking with adhesive tape, filled with lacquer using the Kinstugi method.

The Earth Factory

Eco-friendly construction of a workshop and exhibition space using rammed earth.

atelier terre 1.png
atelier terre 3.png







Main Shows and Exhibitions

Milano Home, Italy

Show Exp’Hotel in Bordeaux
European Days of Crafts, Narbo’Via Museum, Narbonne
Salon Maison et Objet in Paris, selected pieces on the
Spaces of Elizabeth Leriche

Collective exhibition in Japan, selection by Elizabeth Leriche

Ob’Art in Montpellier
Fair Maison et Objet in Paris, selected pieces on the spaces 
of Elizabeth Leriche, François Delclaux and village MOM

Fair Maison et Objet in Paris

Fair Maison & Objet in Paris
Resonance[s] with Esprit Porcelaine in Strasbourg

Revelations, Biennale Internationale des Métiers d’Art et de la Création, with Esprit Porcelaine in Paris

Salon des Arts et du Feu (carré des créateurs), Martres

Maison & Objet Sept 2021

Press Clippings


Coups de coeur & Blogs

• AD Magazine 2020
• House Tipster 2019 Ceramics Take Center Stage at M&O
• Best of design 2019 Maison & Objet
• Décors & Sens 2021, coup de coeur
• Design Aspire 2020, 11 Product Designs That Are Inspiring Us
• Digital Fair 2020, coup de coeur MOM et AAF
• L’Art-vues 2020, A wood gift box teapot and cups « Tea Time »
• Zhuanlan Zhihu Inventory at M&O 2021, chinese blog


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Press & Radio

• Report aired on AirZen Radio
• Marianne «Fundamentals»

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