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Decoration Collections

Gros pla, sur une anse de pichet en grès noir rehaussé de métal doré suite à une réparation selon la méthode Kintsugi

Kintsugi, in Japan, is the art of repairing broken porcelain or ceramics with a natural lacquer containing gold powder. The breaks are then underlined, carefully drawn. Better, the accident thus mended, exalted, gives the object another dimension.


This art calls for patience and meticulousness, many stages follow one another : gluing, laying coating to fill in the gaps, applying many coats of natural lacquers, multiple sandings to finish by the final stage, the applying of metallic powders.  

I've learned this art with two french masters trained for many month by masters in Japan. Natural lacquers used are bought in Japan. 

Restored pieces are still food safe.

Moitié supérieur d'un gros pichet rond artisananal en grès noir brut

Each "Gourmande" is assembled using a coiling method, its curves are unique : more or less round, slender or swaying. Therefore, each item is unique.


I gave them all a first name so that I could identify them. They are sold with a certificate of authenticity. Their price is variable according to their size but also their aesthetic quality. They can't wait to get adopted.

The  "Gourmande" are imagined, designed and cooked in my Toulouse workshop.


We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Moitié supérieure de Sculptures artisanales en grès noir en colombins

Each "Colombinée" is assembled using a coiling method, more or less crooked, twisted or bent. Therefore, each item is unique. The inside and outside are left unglazed. They are sculptural pieces. 

The price is variable according to the size but also the aesthetic quality. 

The range is entirely imagined and realised in my worshop in Toulouse.

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