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3 plates stackable in sandstone enamel with "Lichen" crystalization effect (from mustard to turquoise).


The Lichen collection evokes these hybrid, almost eternal beings, which reveal plant micro-landscapes, combining yellows, greens and bluish effects. The symbiosis of materials, the variety of natural colors and the longevity characterize this creation. This decor is offered on wine-colored stoneware for plates, band bowls, ramekins and goblets.


Gastronomic tableware for everyday use at home and in restaurants. The use of the dishwasher, traditional oven and microwave is. Exceptional ceramic designed and handmade by a craftswoman in Toulouse, France. The measurements, weights and volumes are given for information only because they are all unique pieces.​

Stoneware plates, "Lichen" crystal enamel

  • Plate D19cm

    Height: 1.5cm

    Diameter: 19cm

    Weight: 240gr

    Plate  D 27cm

    Height: 1.5cm

    Diameter: 27cm

    Weight: 550gr

    Plate D 34cm

    Height: 1.5cm

    Diameter: 34cm

    Weight: 1000gr



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