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The use of the dishwasher, traditional oven and microwave is possible for daily use of the pieces. This range was imagined, designed and baked in my Toulouse workshop. The measurements, weights and volumes are given for information only because they are all unique pieces.​

Ramekins Moonshine

PriceFrom €16.00
  • Ramekin 35ml

    Height: 2cm

    Diameter: 7.5cm

    Weight: 65gr

    Volume: 35ml

    Ramekin 110ml

    Height: 3cm

    Diameter: 11cm

    Weight: 130gr

    Capacity: 110ml

    Ramekin 250ml

    Height: 3.5cm

    Diameter: 14.5cm

    Weight: 225gr

    Capacity: 250ml

    Ramekin 600ml

    Height: 4cm

    Diameter: 17.5cm

    Weight: 350gr

    Capacity: 600ml


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